Master(Piece): DEGAS BALLERINA #1

June 15, 2007 at 1:31 am (Master-Pieces)

Degas Ballerina #1

I am starting a new venture. I will be doing oil paintings in a single days time. The paintings will all be small, usually 6×6′ or 6×8″. For now I want to do pieces from famous artists works, like this first one, a ballerina taken from a Degas painting. She is just one of many ballerinas in the painting.

Can you guess which Degas painting she came from?

I will take bids at my email address ( At some point I will have them up for bid on eBay, but for now bid here. I will keep you informed of the most recent and highest bid for each painting on this page.

This oil painting is on canvas, 6×8”. It is available with the starting bid at $60. Contact me if you are interested in getting in on the bidding. or call (818) 558-7440.

Christine Sargent


  1. julia said,

    i dont know what to comment on but if we have to comment on the painting then well ……………………………………….


  2. cheyenne said,

    i love ur pics

  3. Wren said,

    This painting is AMAZING! I love her pose and how you used all lighter colors other than the red. Keep painting!

  4. Jaz said,

    Please could you tell me which painting this is from as I’d like to use it in my art GCSE..

    Thanks Jaz xx

  5. Katelyn said,

    I would like to know the original Degas painting too please.


  6. tu sai chi said,

    ciao mi piace il tuo sito …miglioralo xrò…

  7. skye said,

    i love this art work its so so so BEATUIFUL!

  8. madison said,

    oh my goodnes this is absoltuly beatuful

  9. Evangileane said,

    this is the nost beutiful work of art ever! I once did a painting like this but it was DEFINIGHTLY not as good as this! I just love his work all the detail, its facinating!

  10. patricia carpenteri said,

    so many pages – please do your customers and friends a favor and number them so that we can find our way back to view certain ones.

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