Master-Piece: DEGAS BALLERINA #2

June 23, 2007 at 11:46 am (Master-Pieces)

Degas Ballerina #2

Here is another Degas ballerina. I have always loved his work and especially his ballerinas. In fact, I never felt I could do that subject, even though I loved the idea of painting dancers, because Degas did it so perfectly. I felt it had already been done and could never be done better. Doing these mimiatures has given me a chance to at least paint a few lovely ballerinas.

Can you tell which painting this came from?

If you have any comments you would like to make, I would love to get them.

This new ‘game” of finishing these small paintings in a day and then putting them up for bid is really fun.

This oil painting is on canvas, 6×8”. It is available with the starting bid at $60. Contact me if you are interested in getting in on the bidding. or call (818) 558-7440.


Christine Sargent


  1. firefly8868 said,

    Such beautiful work, Christine. I love your styles so much, and the new look of your blog is awesome.

    Best wishes with your new venture, and the Master (pieces)!


  2. Vennice said,

    Hi Christine,
    I am a high school junior and i currently doing a final project for my art class. I choose this painting for my inspire work because this is a beautiful piece of art.

    I guess this is from Répétition en scène by De Gas, am I right?


  3. joana said,

    uma visita do brasil aqui … adoro quadros antigos … me mande alguns e- mails que eu respondo .

  4. Rachel said,

    Hi, my name’s Rachel. I’m fourteen & taking an art class in school. We are required two observations and two masterpeices every week in our sketch book. I really love Degas and this (#2) is the best looking one.

    But, I have to have the title and year. I was wondering if this was actually something he painted and you just did again, or something you thought up by yourself?

    Please, please, please get back to me if you know the name, year, or anything else.

    Thanks a lot,

  5. anne said,

    Edgar Degas – Two Dancers on Stage

    nice done!

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