Master-Piece: Monet Landscape #3

December 2, 2007 at 10:26 am (Master-Pieces)


This is a famous Monet landscape. A Field of Poppies. When I decided to paint a “piece” of this one I found the two books that had this image in it had very different coloring. I chose the brighter one, as I love the lightness and feeling of spring. The other one was much darker. I don’t know what the original painting looks like, but I’d love to go to The Louvre some day and see it. Anyone want to go to Paris with me?

This oil painting is on canvas, 6×8”. It is available with the starting bid at $80. Contact me if you are interested in getting in on the bidding. or call (818) 558-7440. If you want to buy and bypass the bidding, it is $125.


See Above at REPAINT:   SOLD


  1. Master-Piece: Monet Landscape #3 Repaint « Christine Sargent: One Painting a Day said,

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  2. jennifer said,

    really amazing painting, as you say lovely and fresh you can smell those plants 🙂

  3. Aniela said,

    WOW! This painting sure is awesome. I painted a section of it for an art assignment, and i really enjoyed it. It is very realistic, and beautiful!!

  4. georgie said,

    hello im only ten but i love this kind of paintings like van gogh monet can you tell me what kind of paintings these are called that monet does reply

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