Sargent Original: Coastal Cliff

February 16, 2008 at 12:24 pm (Sargent Original)


This newest 6″ x 8″ original of mine is anoather shot of the Oregon coast. I scanned the painting into my computer last week and then decided to add some tree branches to the top of the painting, for more foreground.  Then when I tried to scan the new version, my scanner did not work.   I am impatient, and decided to put this one up even in its older version.  I guess I like it so much I wanted to show everyone.

The new version looks pretty much the same,with just a few curving branches across the top.  As soon as my brand new scanner gets fixed I will put up the newer version.

I will sell prints of this lovely piece in both forms. With or without the top branches.  If you like it THIS way, you can get a beautiful print on archival quality paper for only $35.

 Contact me if you are interested at or call (818) 558-7440.


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