40 Days of Drawing: Baring the Soul of the Artist

February 24, 2008 at 2:33 pm (40 Days of Drawing)


I am now going to use this blog in a different sort of way for a while. I have been thinking about the direction of my art and talked to a couple of friends who sometimes help me regarding my art. They suggested several things, and I decided to do this project that I really need, if I am ever going to make it as an artist

After a lot of deliberation (with myself) I decided to embark on a project that I need but have not been able to face, as an artist. My drawing skills are atrocious! I guess I can probably draw better than some people, but for what I want to accomplish as an artist, I really don’t have a good drawing ability. If you only knew what I go through every time I draw and paint, you would not believe it. I somehow have a persistence that carries me through, but I have been known to throw my canvases out the window and “give up completely” on a regular basis.

So starting yesterday, I am doing a drawing a day for 40 days. As you can see by the first one, the skill level is not so keen. I will not always share the things I do , but I wanted a starting point to move from. I will draw for a minimum of 1/2 hour. I will draw from life, from books, from my imagination and from other artists drawings. After 40 day of this, my drawing skill WILL be better. It can only improve.

I am so tired of painting an eye 8 times until I get it right, or scraping off the whole face after a days painting, because it looks so bad. I am so tired of being stuck with what I have because I can’t do it any better. I feel so limited that you would not believe it.

My hugest invalidations of my art are my own. And when I trace it back, it always goes back to my limited drawing skill.

My favorite artists were supreme drawers They were able to create effects with their brushes, because they were so competent in their ability to draw. They could compose a canvas with imagination, not being stuck with what the photo shows. They were brilliant. I NEED that!

Thanks Louise and Chris for your help, and this is what I need to do first.

If you want to follow this project, I will be adding entries sporadically, some with the drawings, some only writing what I am going through. I am not really looking forward to this, as I have such a hard time drawing, but I know it will be really good for my art.



  1. Silver Arrows said,

    I do believe it actually 😉 I too have been through that same 8 attempts hell and it still looks wrong!!. Just don’t give up and remember, the mistakes are all part of the learning process. Anyways, according to my ‘teacher’, a drawing a day is not enough. You should be aiming for about 10 subjects per hour once every day. Yeah, tell me about it! But anyway, he says the more you draw, the better you will become.

  2. Marianne Post said,

    The two activities I encourage my students to do is contour drawing and looking for negative shapes. I just happened to have written a post that addresses the former. Good luck with your challenge. A good read and encouragement is The Creative License by Danny Gregory.

  3. manni said,

    man, you are really good. i hope to be as good as you one day

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