40 Days of Drawing: Restaurant co-workers-Megan, Raul and Daniel (see below)

March 31, 2008 at 1:44 pm (40 Days of Drawing)


I have been drawing for 37 days now.

I’ve been doing all sorts of drawings, and have decided I needed a lot more than 40 days to get what I need from this project. As I drew many skeletal structures, apples, lamps and my own hands and feet, I found I began to gravitate toward people and faces. This is my favorite subject.

At work, (I am a waitress in a nice Beverly Hills Restaurant, for those of you who did not know) in the last few days, I have been wandering around trying to do sketches of my co-workers. I’d love to do the whole crew, one at a time!

It is not an easy task to get someone to hold still in such a fast paced place, but I have done several. Here are 3 of them. Just quick sketches, working on getting a likeness in a short period of time.

That is my update.

Hope you are all well.



ps I am having a sale on some of my limited edition prints. 1/2 price for all in stock. Contact me, I would love to get some art moving, as I have not sold anything for almost 40 days

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