40 Days of Drawing- portraits: commissioned portrait

May 3, 2008 at 8:12 am (40 Days of Drawing)

Here is my most recent finished pencil portrait.  I have done quite a few recently, but had no computer so could not post them.  I ended up mailing them to the folks who commissioned me, so don’t have any way to show them to you.

This is the grandson of a great woman I met on the Rhine river a couple of years ago.  She has commissioned me to do 7 grandchildren.

Hope you enjoy these new posts.


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  1. Darla said,

    Nice sketch! I have often thought about trying to do a portrait a day, but I’m lucky if I can do a portrait a week right now (four children ages 2 to 14)…explains a lot, right? 🙂

    You might want to consider getting a digital camera. They are getting inexpensive now…I saw a Kodak digital camera for less than one hundred dollars the other day. Even without a computer, you can take the memory card out of the camera, insert it in one of those Kodak machines at a store, and the images can be put on a CD-Rom for you to keep and use later. You can also get memory cards for less than twenty dollars that hold a lot of images…the pictures can be stored there until you can get them transferred onto a cd rom disk.

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