Commissioned portrait: From bad photo to good drawing

November 14, 2008 at 5:14 pm (Sargent Original)


Here is another example of taking a not so good photo and making it into a good drawing.  In this case it was such a dark photo that his handsome features were practically obscures.

SO many years ago photography “changed the face” of portraiture in many ways. At times it has almost seemed that photography has deleted the need for artists, yet then there is a photo that can be fixed by an artist and “voila”, the portrait is better than the photo.

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  1. Sumner Sargent said,

    Photography is an art and a science. I have long been facinated by the works of Ansel Adams and read every thing that he wrote. He could photograph anything and the photo would hang on the gallery wall as a work of art. I would pass by a stick laying in the road but Adams would craft it into a work of art. Not everyone with a camrea, myself included, is another Ansel Adams.

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