Cha-cha and Ninja -new family members…AND.. we’re finally moved in

July 19, 2009 at 1:29 pm (Uncategorized)

aaa kitties

                 CHA-CHA                                     NINJA

We have 2 “mew” members of our NEW household. They are Cha-cha and Ninja. Sister and brother rescue cats. We LOVE them and the sweetness and excitement they bring to our new home. Aren’t they cute???

I am finally moved, mostly unpacked and settling down and starting to do art work again, and I have an art “studio” like never before. (I have always painted in the kitchen, and now I have an actual space to do my creating.)

Would love to hear from some of my friends. 



  1. Kendra said,

    way too cute! you are a lucky kitty mom!

  2. Skip said,

    Wow! How wonderful — you really make them come out of the canvas!

  3. andylynne said,

    Just discovered your blog through I live on a Farm. Your kittens are adorable. Your art is amazing. I’m looking forward to dropping by in the future.

  4. Aviva said,

    Wow, you are an amazing artist. I want you to do something of our cat, Hunter. She is really not a cat, but a member of our family. I will bring some pictures next week. We have reservations at 6:30pm on Tuesday Dec. 1st for Moms birthday. It is Rob’s birthday on Saturday Nov. 28th also. Looking forward to seeing you.


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