Pencil Portrait: Cyndie’s Mom

December 12, 2009 at 1:17 pm (Sargent Original)

This is another pencil portrait that I just finished.   The beautiful, loving mother of Cyndie Tobin.

Thank you to all of you who sent nice comments on the last post, and for the pencil portrait orders I got.



  1. Johanna said,


  2. Skip said,

    Wow! Christine, you are awesome, and rare in your abiltiy!

    You really capture the essence and personality of your subjects, and I love “falling into” your portrayals.

  3. Carl D. Danko said,

    Cyndie Tobin’s mother looks like a woman who greets and handles the world on her own terms! I love her braids – feel it adds a youthful charm to her (too many older women are into cutting their hair very short – it’s easier to take care of – but they seem to cut off their feminine side with the hair). Personally, I prefer women in glasses and hers are such that they accent, not dominate, her eyes. You’d like to meet and spend the day talking to a woman like her – she strikes me as friendly and potentially interesting.

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