About Christine


Christine is a fifth generation Southern Californian, and grew up in a family of teachers. Not only were both of her parents teachers in Los Angeles, but her three sisters also became teachers. Though teaching is not Christine’s primary vocation, she did teach art part-time to kindergarten through twelfth graders at a private school in the foothills above Los Angeles for 9 years.

She has studied professional oil painting techniques with Larry Gluck at Mission Renaissance in Los Angeles, and in 1988 with Libby Berry at the New Renaissance Academy School of Living Oils on Whidbey Island in Washington. Christine says she truly became a painter after studying at the New Renaissance Academy. Returning home she began painting seriously and began her original oils and commissioned works.

For over fifteen years Christine has painted individual and family portraits. Her collectors have ranged as far away as Russia, and renowned former Dodger pitcher, Orel Hershiser, owns one of her original works. She has painted portraits featuring as many as thirteen figures (that portrait began with eleven figures, but the family had two more babies while the painting was in progress). Christine also enjoys creating paintings featuring pets of all types.

Several years ago, having been inspired by photographs of a niece’s tea party with friends, Christine created a series of richly colorful paintings of children in imaginative garden settings. After doing several paintings in a similar genre she experimented with a nostalgic monochromatic painting working from a vintage childhood photograph of her mother. Still incorporating fantasy backgrounds as a means of framing her subject, Christine developed an utterly unique and beautiful art style, creating that nostalgic feeling on multiple levels.

Each of her paintings is executed with the mark of a true professional in the now unmistakable style that is Christine Sargent’s trademark.

Artist Statement

“I paint primarily because I love people, and I especially have a passion for children. Sometimes I see a child and something about that child makes me feel that I just want to paint them. When I see something I think is beautiful, I want to paint it. When I see a person who is beautiful to me I really want to paint them.

“My favorite philosopher said, ‘Children are the future,’ and I truly believe that to be so. With my paintings I want to keep reminding people how important and how special children are. I want my paintings to say, ‘Look at that child.’

“That’s why my paintings feature children. I won’t just paint a garden scene or a landscape by itself, even though that might be more popular. There has to be a child in it somewhere, so that people keep seeing children and placing value on them.”

~ Christine Sargent


  1. Donna Koch said,

    I know Whiskey and Sandy and I really love the picture! It does look like Whiskey, and has a bit of his silliness and warmth! Whiskey and my Leonberger, Morgan, love to do therapy dog visits together for sick patients at hospitals. Morgan would like to raise money for Leos in Need, a rescue for Leonbergers, just like Whiskey is doing. What a great idea!

  2. Emanuel Simonian said,

    Wonderful pieces that capture the essence of the subject featured. From the piece, I feel I don’t even necessarily have to meet the being drawn; they’re already there!

  3. Mia Duncans said,

    Hi Christine!

    I love the picture you drew of Royl, absolutely wonderful! Looks just like her. I enjoyed viewing all your other paintings on here as well. Glad to be in touch, hope you are good! Love MIA 🙂

  4. Joyce (Reconnu) Williams said,

    Dear Christine,

    I received the pencil sketch you made of me and Annelise. I love it! You did an excellent job on me and of course Annelise is superb! Thank you so very much! I am so pleased to have Annelise as a cousin! It seems as though we have always known each other. Our visit we had in Belgium means so much to me! Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


  5. Carol Bulkeley said,

    Hi Christine: I am a friend of Christy Holloway’s and want to talk to you about doing a pencil portrait of my daughter’s dog Sunny. How do I get in touch with you?
    Of course I’d love the Valentine rate but it’s not strictly a Valentine gift; it’s for her birthday which is next week – yikes, I left this too late – but any time you could do it would be fine.

  6. Carl D. Danko said,

    Hello Christine: WOW! – you paint even better then you serve birthday boys at Lawry’s! I really enjoyed touring your site. I really don’t know enough about painting, pencil sketching, etc. – I’ve always done my creative work with words (excepting a playbook I wrote while teaching physical education at Emek in the middle 1970s). I’m hoping that I can make one of your shows – I’ll log on occasionally in case something unexpectedly appears.
    I was wondering how painting could be a profitable sideline, but you showed me both a woman with considerbale talent and a business plan! Well done!
    Did the woman with the adorable son (she has three others) ever let you steal him from her? You seem to be a consumate “people person” in the most positive sense of the phrase. As delightful as you were at the restaurant, you come even more alive when you decribe how you work your commissioned portraits. I was with my best friend, Vicki, as well as Connie and Craig (a student I’m been tutoring for the last fourteen years) when we came in for my 60th birthday feast. Thank you again for your strong, positive contribution to my most pleasantly memorable 60th birthday!
    Yours in beginning friendship,
    p.s.: if your son needs any help with science or math, give me a jingle and I’ll see what I can do to help the two of you. (805) 529-2480

  7. Judy Gilmore said,

    Hi Christine,

    I was introduced to your website by my friend Paul Frost. We are in a gourmet food group here in Portland together. I would like to know more about you…how do I get in touch with you to talk about your doing a portrait of our almost 3 year old grand son for his parents?

    Your name came up when Peggy and Paul were at our house – you had just let him know that the Oregon Ducks were going to be at your restaurant. Poor ducks we are sorry they did not win the Rose Bowl.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

    Judy Gilmore

  8. Kourtnee landrum said,

    Hi there. Thank u for being so sweet to Kylan on the flight to l.a. I love your enthusiasm and spunk. Sorry Ky kept kicking ya…. I hope you are doing well. Your works are amazingly beautiful. love, Kourtnee

  9. Melina said,

    Hi Christine
    I am so inspired by your work and to be able to make your lovely talent work for you is all the better. I was wondering if you are still available for portraits. We have a Shiba Inu named Marley that my husband is absolutely gaga over. I would love to get a pencil or pastel portrait done of them. Please let me know if you are willing to.

  10. Lori said,

    Hey Christine, great new picture of Garden Angel! I’m thinking of having you do a portrait when my new grandson Nathaniel is born. I will be working on getting pictures of him with Autumn, maybe with Autumn holding him? If you have any ideas on what kind of pictures I should try to get let me know. I think it would be great gift for Hannah and Bob for their anniversary next year. Talk to you later, love ya Lori

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